Eduardo Tavares

The Creative Process of Eduardo Tavares: How He Brings Places, People, and Music to Life

Alter New Media 

Alter New Media provides purpose-driven marketing, public relations, partnership facilitation, and digital production.  

Royal African Health & Beauty

Royal African Health & Beauty entire collection is vegan and cruelty free, plus they use the finest natural ingredients.

Derek Scheller Jr.

Derek Scheller, Jr. - also known as The Cyber Warrior, founded Cyber Warrior Studios to help develop a community of inclusivity and growth. 

Parker Nelson

Parker is a local expert on weekly things to do in the city of Las Vegas. iSkyBoards social media is filled with content from local gems and must visit tourist attractions. 

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Testimonial for Visit Vegas Places:

“Coyal Harrison III, the founder of Visit Vegas Places is an authority and ambassador on all things Las Vegas.  His online channel, Visit Vegas Places, is quite impressive.  He has interviewed hundreds of movers, shakers, taste makers, creators, and business owners.  His cool videos and podcasts showcase interesting people doing unique things.  Having built one of the best resources online about Las Vegas, Coyal has very much become a cultural historian of what’s happening in the town he loves and lives in.”

Michael K. Stark - "Wall of $100's"